The Labcorp At-Home COVID-19 Test Called the Pixel

Our household ended up getting at-home COVID-19 tests due to a very miniscule chance of being exposed. Since I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic without blood sugar control down pat yet, and others in my household have other major risk factors, we’re being safe to get ahead of things if needed.

I wanted to just share some photos of the Labcorp At-Home COVID-19 test in case you’re curious about what’s included, how long it took to get here, and other details.

Ordering the kit was very straightforward – the Labcorp Pixel website walks you through some basic qualification criteria and offers several options for covering the cost of the kit. We plugged in our insurance information and that was easily processed.

The test kits were shipped via Overnight Fedex and include return shipping that is also One-Day/Overnight Fedex. Before using this test kit, make sure that you have arranged for a pickup from Fedex at your home, or you can drop it off at a Fedex drop-box BEFORE the final pickup of the day. Labcorp is very clear about the timing.

We called in the morning and got an afternoon pickup the same day. It’s also important to register your specific test kit on the Labcorp Pixel website before sending it off. There are lots of reminders for that.

This test is a simple nasal swab, so you’re not diving into the far reaches of your sinuses with one of the longer swabs.

Once you’re done with the swab, it goes into the saline solution, into the specimen biohazard bag, and then you put everything back into the original shipping box. That box then goes into the Fedex packaging and sent back to the lab.

The only thing that I’m not showing a picture of is the registration card – you keep that card and it includes the unique number of your test for your reference. I will update this post with how long it takes to receive results once we get word back.